We are dedicated to providing outstanding medical care in several areas.
Thyroid Ultrasound & Biopsy | Comprehensive Diabetes Care | Osteoporosis Screening & Management/Fracture Prevention


We’re proud to offer the following high-touch services for our patients:

– Consultations in diabetes, thyroid disease, osteoporosis, high cholesterol and various other hormonal problems –
Evaluation and treatment of diabetic complications
Medical nutrition, diabetes education, and continuous glucose monitoring
Weight management, insulin pump training and management
Fitness program for diabetics and overweight patients
Thyroid ultrasound, ultrasound-guided thyroid biopsies, and endocrine laboratory testing
Bone densitometry with instant vertebral assessment
Balance evaluation for fall/osteoporotic fracture prevention

Thyroid Ultrasound & Biopsy

Unlike most endocrinology offices, we perform thyroid ultrasound and thyroid biopsy (FNA, fine needle aspiration) right in our office. Our ultrasounds are always performed by an endocrinologist certified in thyroid ultrasonography and biopsy by the Mayo clinic (never a technician) during the patient’s first appointment. The results are discussed immediately and professional recommendations and a printed ultrasound report are provided during the consultation.  This approach minimizes patients’ visits and ensures peace of mind.

Comprehensive Diabetes Care

We offer a full suite of treatment and consultation services to our diabetic patients, including medical nutrition therapy, continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pump training/management, and supervised fitness/weight loss programs, as well as evaluation for and implementation of strategies to reduce the risk of diabetic complication.

Osteoporosis Screening & Management/Fracture Prevention

Our highly trained staff performs bone density testing (DEXA scan) right in our office for the convenience of our patients.  Unlike most imaging facilities, our testing includes instantaneous vertebral assessment to identify uknown vertebral fractures. This test is performed to screen for osteoporosis and is a useful tool for bone fracture prevention.

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